Our History

In May 2004, we bought a farm in St-Jacques-le-Mineur. We had a dream of several years. In summer 2005, we went to the task with our children, family and friends to transform the vocation of the farm. We planted different varieties of Hardy vines and the Blueberry plants. Our plantations include 4000 plants of vines, 300 Blueberry plants and 175 plants of hazelnut trees in development for a first production in 2017.

A whole range of products is made from these fruits grown on site in an eco-responsible way. We have developed high quality spreads with more than 72% fruit. We have been producing Goria pepper since 2011.

Over the wind is the leading producer of Verjus grapes in Quebec. The Verjus comes from the press of three varieties of immature grapes (black Frontenac, Sabrevois, St. Croix). It has a nice acidity followed in a second time, to a nice fruity taste.

What's great with the Verjus, is that it can be used literally in a thousand different ways: in addition to replace the vinegar in recipes, it is a tasty local alternative to lemon juice (dressings, marinades, gazpacho, risotto, dessert, cocktails and more!). Also, a hint of verjus gives a nice twist in a glass of cold water (hot or chilly weather, with a touch of honey).

Since 2014, we purchased a hive to increase pollination of the flowers of our berries. The experience worked so well that we went to three hives and build flowery bands to increase the flowers for our bees. We produce raw honey to Linden, summer and fall.

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Our Domain

Our area includes gardens, Alpine gardens, a vineyard, a Blueberry field, an orchard in implementation as well as a picnic area.

Visit the area

  • Duration 45 minutes
  • $5.00 / person
  • Free / children under 12 years old
  • Visit vineyards, Blueberry, flower garden, Garden of alpine plants, hops, noiseraie, etc.


MEETING room (capacity 15 persons)

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We have a gazebo of 15 × 20 feet with tables for you.



You want to make a visit to our area?

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